Valentine’s Knits

White Rock Handmade’s Valentine’s knits came about after falling in love with knitting up every kind of Christmas Cup Cozies aka Sleeves!

The Materials

The yarn is the softest and most luscious pure acrylic and washine washable! This has been a long time favorite yarn that is most often chosen for beautiful chunky knit baby items. Or should that be beautiful knit items for chunky babies? Regardless, this yarn is so yummy and soft that you won’t be able to put your drink down.

The Design

After designing many cozies, the two designs, vertical stripes and bordered, have been selected not only for their aesthetic and practicality but also because they keep hot drinks hot and cool drinks cool.

Field testing of these cozies was an arduous and long process involving many trips to near and far coffee shops for rigorous testing.😊


Your support allows me to share exceptional high quality and practical handmade items and stay home with my three kids. Thank you.

In support of #BellLetsTalk to raise awareness for mental health, $1 from every cup cozy sold from now until January 30th 2019 will be donated to this amazing cause.

Thank you so very much for supporting White Rock Handmade and #BellLetsTalk.

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